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Jay Bennett

Jay is an extraordinary coach, mentor and millionaire.  He has been a top leader in the Health & Wellness and Network Marketing industry for 30 years and is among the top 3 income earners in Isagenix.

He firmly believes in building strong teams and empowering individuals to physical, financial and personal freedom.  His success is a reflection of his deep commitment to the success of his team
and has resulted in Jay achieving an outstanding 7 figure annual income.

Jay lives in San Clemente, California and is married with 3 children: Keane, Holden James and Shanelle, who are HIS MOTIVATION to build his business.

You are invited to partner with Jay and take your health and your wealth to the next level.

Dr. Joe Rubino
CEO, CenterForPersonalReinvention.com

“Jay Bennett is a high integrity values-based leader who has the gift to transfer the power to succeed to those he works with.  Jay is totally committed to the success of others.  If you ever have an opportunity to work with Jay, jump at the chance!”

Bobby and Michelle Schaffer

"Jay has a system that you can follow where you are with people all the time. You always have help and he leaves no one behind.  It's a great place to be.  He's the hardest working millionaire that we've ever met!"

Tim and Cathy Darnell

"Jay Bennett is the epitome of how Network Marketing should be done. His professionalism, warmth, focus and acumen is the best Cathy and I have ever experienced in our career.  If you want to build a big business that creates residual, growing, lifetime income, you need to work with the real deal.  Jay Bennett is not only the real deal, he embodies the spirit of helping others succeed in finding genuine time and financial freedom!"

Sarah Cion

"There is nothing more excellent then having a success and leadership coach to get you to the next level.  Jay helped me define, refine, and follow through with unwavering belief and commitment.  Not only did I have outstanding product results, but also, my journey towards financial freedom has taken one giant leap forward with simple and clearly laid-out action steps.  There is nothing but excitement and forward motion when working with Mr. Bennett!  Thank you, Jay!"

Juli Anna California

"Jay Bennett is the Business Mentor in Action that one could only hope for but I am blessed to have found.  As a veteran of the Network Marketing industry looking for a new company, I am blessed to have landed with not only a great company like Isagenix, but with a REAL Millionaire success story in this industry who will bend over backwards helping me be successful as well."
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